Open Data and Licensing

From the start of the Open Notebook, we have wanted to provide readers with access to the full data generated as part of the project. In order to do this, we have had to address the two issues of where to host the data and how to make the original data easily readable.

Both of these problems are easily solved using our records management system: OMERO, which utilises the Bioformats library to read and display a staggering number of imaging formats. Through a web browser you can directly view proprietary image formats such as Zeiss LSM, Nikon ND2 and Leica LIF. If you want to see it in action, our Open Data Repository is available here.

We have decided to licence the use of these data (and indeed the whole blog) using the CC-BY Licence which allows anyone to share, adapt and reuse the content as long as attribution is given to the original source.

Finally if you want to cite this blog or the data, we recommend using the webarchive to snapshot a page, then cite it with in the following format (fill in the curly braced fields):

{Author List} ({post year}). {Post Title}. [Blog] Rapha-Z-Lab-Commons. Available at: http://{URL here} [Accessed {access date}].

For posts with more than one author, you’ll find a list of authors at the bottom of each post.


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