Imaging the localisation of SmartFlares – results

The experiment was carried out according to the previous post, using the following matrix:


As with all of the data, you can view the images at our Open Data Repository. These data are date stamped [2015-03-18].

Localisation with LAMP1



Scrambled Control


Uptake Control


Localisation with TFN-R


Scrambled Control

Uptake Control

Localisation with GM130

Unfortunately, the GM130 immunofluorescence appeared to give only background signal. You can see the data here and decide for yourself, although this is likely due to a low primary antibody concentration.

Effect of DMOG

For more information on the use of DMOG, see this post. Below are comparisons between SmartFlare signal with and without DMOG.


Scrambled Control

Uptake Control


The results of some basic co-localisation analysis and thoughts on the imaging data so far will be presented in another post.

Authors: Gemma Carolan & Dave Mason


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