Imaging SmartFlares +/- DMOG (Live)

This is a final repeat of the basic SmartFlare experiment. HeLa cells are loaded with the three variants of SmartFlares and imaged 18h later.



  • HeLa cells were seeded on 35mm Ibidi glass-bottomed dishes at ~400,000 cells per well
  • After being incubated 4h to adhere, media was removed and replaced with growth media supplemented with Uptake Control, Scrambled Control or VEGF SmartFlares and fluorescently-labelled 10kDa dextran (TMR or FITC).
  • Cells were incubated for 18h then washed and imaged live using a laser scanning confocal microscope.


All of the data acquired are available at our Open Data Repository date stamped [2015-04-22]. The following labelling scheme is used:


The data are consistent with all previous experiments. The three SmartFlare variants are visible whether DMOG is present or not.


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