Ongoing Status of the Project

I’ve been helping Gemma out with some of the technical aspects of the project including some very interesting discussions on the intracellular fate of nanoparticles. Alas, all things must come to an end, and while Gemma’s practical involvement in the project has ended (I hope she’ll stick around the comments section and maybe offer a guest post or two) there is plenty more investigation to be done.

As such, after a short break I’ll be taking over the experimental side of the project. Expect more updates in a couple of weeks.

(and in the meantime, see also How smart are smartflares?)

Dave Mason



2 thoughts on “Ongoing Status of the Project

  1. Interesting results. I just tried the SmartFlare Uptake Control today with parasite-infected RBCs. Mature RBCs are typically incapable of endocytosis, but infection can increase membrane permeability, so I wanted to see if infected RBCs can take up SmartFlare through passive transport. Surprisingly, I found that a small fraction of uninfected RBCs and a majority of infected RBCs showed punctate staining (very similar to what you are seeing) upon incubation with the Uptake control for 18h. I wonder how they are getting in and I’ll have to find out what they are localizing to. Thank you for your detailed posts.

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