TEM of Uptake Control SmartFlares after uptake

Following on from the last post, the Uptake Control SmartFlares were loaded into cells, prepared and taken to the Electron Microscope.

Experimental Protocol

The protocol was identical to the previous EM experiment, replacing the VEGF SmartFlares with the Uptake Controls.


Cells were imaged on an Tecnai G3 spirit. The data are date stamped [2015-07-17] and the originals are available (as always) on our Open Data repository. The images shown below have been processed with a Bandpass Fourier Transform to correct uneven illumination.



The images and observations by Joan, point to the Uptake Controls behaving identically to the VEGF SmartFlares. This in and of itself is not surprising, but still begs the question of how SmartFlares can work as mRNA sensors if all (or at least the majority) of them are still in vesicles?

Authors: Joan Comenge & Dave Mason


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