SmartFlare Paper Revisions

Not too long after publishing version 1 of the SmartFlare paper at Science Open, we received a couple of very helpful reviews. We’ve been working on the points made by the reviewers to improve the manuscript for version 2 (coming very shortly!). Below are some thoughts on a couple of the comments and a quick update on some new data in the works.

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Interpretation of chloroquine results

The last post highlighted some of the results of using chloroquine to investigate the localisation and functionality of the SmartFlares. This post will deal solely with the interpretation of those results.


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TEM of VEGF and Scrambled Control SmartFlares

The Uptake Control SmartFlare was opened first to help us to establish a loading protocol. As such, the physical characterisation of that SmartFlare was performed in an earlier post. Thanks once again go to Joan Comenge for taking the VEGF and Scrambled control SmartFlare to the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).


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TEM of SmartFlare Uptake Control

As with any reagent, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. The size of the gold nanoparticles at the centre of a SmartFlare will dictate the number of oligonucleotides that can be bound to the surface. Likewise, if the GNPs are aggregated, that will affect the way they interact with cells. In order to visualise the SmartFlares, lab member Joan Comenge took a sample of the uptake control to the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

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