Striking Gold(nanoparticles)!

Following the preparation of 10nm GNPs conjugated to CALNN, the next step was to use these for microinjection and then photothermal imaging. For this I used 35mm gridded dishes, this meant that the coordinates of successfully injected cells could be recorded to make the cells easier to find again. The length of time the cells were removed from the incubator had to be kept to a minimum as after extended time periods they would begin to die. After the cells had been injected they were then fixed using paraformaldehyde and stored in the fridge until needed for imaging.

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Imaging with Gold

Gold nanoparticles (GNPs, also known as “colloidal gold“) have become the subject of large amounts of research in recent years which can mainly be attributed to their unique properties. Their potential applications range from targeted drug delivery to cell imaging. It is their use in cell imaging, specifically photothermal microscopy, that I’m interested in for my summer project.

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Imaging inside cells with nanoparticles – a BBSRC-sponsored summer project

Hello! My name is Charlotte Dawson, I’ve just completed my second year studying Biochemistry at the University of Liverpool. Over summer I’m undertaking a 10 week research experience placement funded by the BBSRC, co-supervised by Dr Raphael Levy and Dr Violaine Sée.

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